Foundation “Vykhod” (“Way Out”)

The Charitable Foundation “Vykhod” (which means “way out”) provides assistance in solving the problems of Autism in Russia. It was established by script writer, director, TV host and journalist Avdotya Smirnova on the 23rd of September 2012.

Mission of the Foundation is to raise and allocate funds for projects that increase access for appropriate treatment and support services for people with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) in Russia. The Foundation does not provide individual humanitarian support.

Please accept our apologies in advance for not answering any letters that are beyond the scope of the work of the Foundation.

The goals and the tasks of the Foundation are:

the creation of the comprehensive system of early diagnostics, intervention and support for children with ASDs.

the provision of information about autism and its characteristics for parents, professionals, education and healthcare providers;

the creation of expert reviewed and practical resources for education and informing professionals;

the provision of social and psychological support for people with ASDs and their families;

the development and dissemination of educational, printed and other materials for people with ASDs and their families;

the creation of the permanent and temporary centers and art groups that provide awareness raising, social support, treatment and interventions or serve other humanitarian goals for autism community;

the advocacy for better legal status of treatment, social support and protection of rights of people with ASDs and their families.

About this Website

The Website of the foundation “Vykhod” is a completely non-profit project. Its goal is to attract attention to the issues of autism. This website publishes information about different communities and people, working on the solution to these problems in Russia and all over the world.

The opinion of authors of materials published on the website may not represent the Foundation’s point of view. All materials on this website may be copied and distributed on other sites as long as it not for profit. However, in this case it is necessary to put a hyperlink to the page on the site from which it was borrowed article.

If you believe that any of the material found herein infringes copyright or privacy of others, please inform as soon as possible about it, and the website’s admin will take immediate action to remedy the situation.

None of the information on this site can substitute for medical advice or therapy or be used for diagnostics or treatment decisions. Any information on the website aims only to increase the awareness of readers and to draw attention to autism.