Foundation News. Charity Foundation Vykhod In St. Petersburg will be soon open

Foundation’s tasks include the launch of personal assistance service to provide support for adult autistic people and trainings for professionals on methods of support for adult autistics

The Foundation Vykhod In St. Petersburg was founded to promote comprehensive approach to autism related problems in St. Petersburg: from diagnostics to special education; from healthcare to vocational training; from supported employment to alternative housing systems. The Foundation invites volunteers who are ready to help people with autism as well as applications from professionals who want to participate in training program.

Vykhod In St. Petersburg is one of the high priority projects of the federal-based Foundation Vykhod. (See description of the project: Program of comprehensive support for autistic adults in St. Petersburg).

Strategic plan of Vykhod In St. Petersburg for year 2013:

— to launch educational courses for professionals;

— to open the Center for employment and social support for autisc people over age 18;

— to open medical center for young children.

One of the top priorities of the Foundation is to open the personal assistance service for autistic adults and to form project team of professionals.

The first task to fulfill this goal is to form a team of personal assistants who will work with each client according to their individual program and will teach them living skills.

Educational programs will include methods of evaluation; methods of evaluating potential of client’s natural support system; basics of ABA; development of individualized support plan; working with family and other caregivers.

Applications for training program are accepted till 23th of May on e-mail: outspb.help@gmail.com

Interviews will be conducted from 25th of May till 1st of June. Educational programs will start in August.

The web-site of the Foundation will be open soon, for now you can receive additional information in the social network group: http://vk.com/outspb_aid

The volunteer application form can be filled here: http://goo.gl/3bXVP

Any inquiries including questions about donations and volunteering can be sent to outspb.help@gmail.com

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